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Mortal Kombat X - Scorpion - 1/1 Bust
28.04.2019, 10:45
Beitrag #1
Mortal Kombat X - Scorpion - 1/1 Bust

[Bild: 61177624-fd2b-4f1b-ba5jlu.jpeg]


[Bild: 845380dd-afdb-4a9b-9fljg9.jpeg]

“Get Over Here!”
With it’s light-up eyes and shoulder armor, PCS’ massive 2013 Mortal Kombat 9 Scorpion Life-Sized bust was as imposing to people’s homes as it was the industry itself. “I have arrived,” it seemed to say. “The rules are different now.” Four years later it is happening again, as the long-awaited PCS Exclusive Mortal Kombat X Scorpion 1:1 Scale Bust will finally be available for Pre-Order. “The original 1:1 Scorpion was one of our best-selling LSBs, selling out almost immediately,” recounts PCS President Jerry Macaluso. “So this one is not just a companion piece to our MKX Sub-Zero bust, but a follow-up to something people were demanding we raise the edition size of. His spiky shadow loomed large, but fortunately Netherrealm’s new design for the character is just as visually striking as the previous game’s, unique to itself yet still unmistakingly Scorpion. If people loved the last one, just wait til they see what we’ve learned in the last 4 years.”

[Bild: 456c8b03-4d9d-4eda-a7hjv0.jpeg]

[Bild: 5bb35ea1-73f7-47ce-92vk8j.jpeg]

[Bild: fab55239-85f3-4458-8k9kul.jpeg]

[Bild: 4e43dc8a-8e91-4540-97vjuf.jpeg]

[Bild: 97668b4c-c773-4f69-8hejn3.jpeg]

“Realistic” is an odd word to use for eyes without pupils, but it’s no less appropriate here, as somehow PCS has made Hanzo Hasashi’s revenant stare look eerily natural. And with their updated LED techniques, they once again glow brightly, even from underneath his battleworn hood.
This time, however, the Hapkido master rests on a pedestal of molten lava, resplendent in his majesty, juxtaposed by the iconic face mask you’ll swear must have been treated by the 1,000 swordsman PCS obviously has on payroll. “This man is a Warrior,” you instinctively understand. “This man has seen some things.” Individually painted and finished to PCS’ highest standard of quality and attention to detail, all eyes will be drawn to him, pupils or otherwise, stung by the excellence of what will rightly take it’s place as the centerpiece of your collection.

[Bild: b13bc911-b166-45ae-bx7kvb.jpeg]

[Bild: 755b2367-dfe9-488b-8ozj48.jpeg]

[Bild: 19e59d37-eea9-422c-83hkbd.jpeg]

[Bild: a3f93b9a-a920-473d-92okz4.jpeg]

[Bild: a963a083-3d83-4c7c-90nkdr.jpeg]

Includes hand crafted polystone figure with LED eyes and Certificate of Authenticity

[Bild: 1e8f3745-7550-4dda-bfajp6.jpeg]


Brand: Mortal Kombat
Manufacturer: Pop Culture Shock
Type: Life-Size Bust
Price Regular: 1.049,00.-$
Price Exclusive: 1.049,00.-$
Edition Size Regular: 300
Edition Size Exclusive: 175
Release Date: 1st Qtr 2018
Product Size: 30"/762 mm (H) x 24"/609.6 mm (W)
Box Size: 19.00"/482.6 mm (H) x 28.00"/711.2 mm (W) x 30.00"/762 mm (D)
Dimensional Weight: 70.00 lbs (31.75 kg) [Intl. 115.00 lbs (52.16 kg)]

[Bild: 1b7816e8-c8e2-4af5-b0pj0h.jpeg]
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