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Thor 1/4 Statue XM Studios

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Zitat:The Thor Premium Collectibles statue features: Approximately 56 cm tall (from head to toe) Crafted from cold-cast porcelain Includes Two (3) head sculpts, (2 with and 1 without helmet) Two (2) interchangeable left hand (holding Mjolnir and pointing finger). Two (3) interchangeable right hand (holding Mjolnir , spinning hamer and crunch fist). Art print specially designed by Hive Studio Limited Silver Plated coin Limited edition : 999 Artists: Stanley Lau (Co-Designer) Erick Sosa (Sculpt) Hive Studio (Art Print) XM Studios Design and Development Team Manufactured by: XM Studios Product size : 60 cm H X 38cm L X 33cm B (estimate) Est. Box Size : 80.7cm H X 65.7cm L X 38.7cm B (estimate) Est. Product Weight : 15kg (estimate) Est. shipping weight : 26kg (estimate)

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