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Normale Version: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - Ring of Thorin Oakenshield
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Aus dem Beschrieb zur Verlosung von Goodies für Vorbesteller der nächsten Ausgabe der Hobbit Chronicles:

Zitat:PLUS: Thirteen Prizes
Among the Dragon's Gold lurks a number of prizes! When they receive their email and check their code, thirteen lucky customers will instead discover they have won one of the following prizes:
In a hole in the ground... T-shirt - 10 available (value US$29.99 ea)
Tauriel's Daggers Limited Edition - launches in October - 1 available (value US$149)
Ring of Thorin Oakenshield - 1 available (value US$189)
Bofur the Dwarf 1/6 scale statue - 1 available (value US$249)