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Captain Jean-Luc Picard Star Trek 1/3 Scale Statue
by Darkside Collectibles Studio

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Zitat:Make it so … Engage …

DarkSide Collectibles Studio in close collaboration with CBS studios and Sir Patrick Stewart presents Captain Jean-Luc Picard. The second statue in the line of Captains of the USS Enterprise Collection.
Captain of the USS Enterprise D (NCC-1701-D) Jean-Luc Picard has been an iconic character for generations. From Star Trek The Next Generation to multiple film appearances his name is synonymous with the STAR TREK franchise.
With a stunning hyper realistic likeness of Sir Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard the statue is sculpted in a magnificent 1/3 scale featuring Three alternative poses, measures 65.5 cm (25.79 inches) and is presented in authentically detailed sculpted captain’s costume.
The first pose captures the iconic make it so, engage command
The second pose captures the love of Picard for “Tea, Earl Grey, Hot”
The third pose captures the fighting spirit of the captain holding his phaser rifle
Chiselled in the highest quality polystone resin, featuring hyper realistic life like skin details, each statue is hand crafted to meet the highest collector’s standards. Every statue is strictly limited in the number produced and sold to enhance its value and protect your investment.
Your DarkSide Collectibles StudioTM Statue is also marked with the copyright of both CBS Studios Inc. and Darkside Collectibles StudioTM to guarantee authenticity.
With three different iconic options of display this is the ultimate Captain Jean-Luc Picard statue.

Limited Edition Size: 150 Worldwide


Highly detailed likeness & life-like hair sculpture of Sir Patrick Stewart; Jean-Luc Picard portrait

Accurately embodied highly detailed iconic props and accessories

One (1) designed theme base

One (1) Make it so pair of arms

One (1) Tea Holding pair of arms

One (1) Phaser Rifle pair of arms

One (1) Translucent Resin Tea Cup

One (1) Phaser Rifle

The Darkside Collectibles Studio Design and Development Team

• License: STAR TREK
• Type: Polystone Statue
• Manufacturer: Darkside Collectibles Studio.
• Scale: 1/3 statue.

Product Size:

H: 65.5 cm (25.79 inches)
L: 29.5 cm (11.61 inches)
D: 29.5 cm (11.61 inches)

• Product Weight: 12 Kg aprox.
• Box Dimensions: TBD

Prototype sample shown. Product details could be subjected to change without further notice.

2021 E.M.A Legendary Collectibles Group Ltd / Darkside Collectibles Studio

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